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Deepfield Connect – Bosch Software Innovations

Agriculture is currently facing considerable challenges. Among those is the fact that the world population is growing at a faster rate than areas of farmland. With the help of its networked solutions, Bosch aims to support farmers in their labor-intensive daily lives and contribute towards quality assurance and increasing efficiency and yield. Farmers and their individual tasks and challenges are the focus of our development work.

We aim to optimize agricultural production processes. The Deepfield Connect product range offers networked measuring systems designed to increase production output and improve quality assurance. To do this, sensors monitor climate conditions such as temperature and humidity on the field or in the milk tank. The measured values are transferred to an app on the farmer's smartphone via the Bosch cloud, enabling farmers to have an overview of all their fields or milk tanks anywhere and at any time. An individually adjustable alarm ensures that they can act without delay as soon as critical values are reached. This ensures quality and yield and minimizes production costs and workloads, whilst allocating resources efficiently. What started out as asparagus and strawberry monitoring has been successfully extended to fruit and vegetable cultivation and milk production.