Asparagus Monitoring

Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring

Our services

  • A smartphone app which displays the temperature curves for all measuring devices*
  • Temperature measurement at four depths: 0, -5, -20 and -40 cm
  • Measurement frequency: Twice per hour
  • Update rate: Once per hour
  • Communication: GSM
  • Battery life: Up to six years
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.5 °C between -10 °C and +85 °C
  • Data available via the Bosch Cloud

General conditions

  • Delivery within 9 days after ordering starting from the 14th of February 2019
  • The service can be cancelled free of charge within two weeks of receiving the goods
  • The system will record measurements between the 15th of February and 30th of June
  • The service will renew the following year unless it is cancelled by the 30th of September
  • Also for orders placed during the season, the full annual subscription price for the ongoing season applies
Annual fee per sensor system 319,00 €
Price/year excl. VAT. 319,00


Ensure yield and quality with ease

Black or white?

Incorrect foil use can result in too high or low a temperature in asparagus beds. This can lead to
a noticeably lower quality of asparagus, whereby the heads may open early, or the asparagus may be hollow or ridged. These losses could affect up to 30%*) of the harvest volume.

Deepfield Connect
Monitors the temperature of your asparagus beds for you. Use it anytime and anywhere to find out how your asparagus is doing. The bed temperature forecast helps you to decide how to arrange to foil for the following day. The alarm function warns you of overheating. The temperature sum helps you to estimate when to start harvesting. The positioning of the temperature sensors at four different depths enables precise temperature measurements for the whole season. The data is safely transmitted to your smartphone via the Bosch Cloud.

Deepfield Connect app
The Deepfield Connect app provides you with a quick overview of all your fields. One glance at
the app will give you the weather forecast and temperature of individual fields.


The benefits for you

  • Increased quality and yield thanks to precise temperature measurement of beds
  • Daily calculation of mean bed temperature values
  • Estimation of harvest start date thanks to temperature sums
  • No more manual measurements needed, all fields visible at all times
  • No costs on top of annual fee, subscription can be terminated annually
  • Data can be shared with colleagues, employees and consultants

* Requires iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later
** Source: Schreiner, M., Schmidt, S. and I. Schonhof: Beeinflussung des Ertragsverlaufes, des Ertrags und der Qualitat von Bleichspargel uber gezielte Steuerung der Dammtemperatur (Influences of targeted bed temperature control on yield pattern, yield and quality of white asparagus), KTBL-Schrift 450, Darmstadt 2007(available in German).



Technical Details

Data Transfer - Deepfield Connect transmitter  
Dimensions 200 mm x 112 mm x 77 mm
Protection class IP67
Temperature range -20 °C bis 50 °C
Communication GSM
Localization GPS
Measurement frequency Measures every 30 minutes, Transmits every 60 minutes

Temperature measurement - Deepfield Connect ST4 sensor rod  
Protection class IP67
Number of temperature sensors 4
Measuring range -55 °C to 125 °C
Measuring accurancy ±0,5 °C from -10 °C to 85 °C
Resolution 0,0625 °C
Measuring depths 0 cm, 5 cm, 20 cm and 40 cm
Cable lenght 2.70 m