Milk Monitoring

Deepfield Connect Milk Monitoring



  • Temperature measurement of the milk at seven points in the milk tank

  • Timely alerting in case of problems in the milk tank via app

  • Monitoring of cooling system, cleaning and agitator of the milk tank

  • Data can be shared with other users (e.g. employees)

  • Optical warning light for signalling of critical milk storage state


Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Deepfield transmitter box (gateway)

    • 1 x immersion sensor chain

    • 1 x optical warning light

    • Unlimited access to the app (iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0 or later required)

    General conditions

    • Expected delivery from the second quarter of 2019
    • Introductory price: 279,00 €
    • 14-day right of return after delivery of the hardware
    • annually cancellable
    Annual fee per sensor system 279,00 €
    Price/year excl. VAT. 279,00



    Optimum milk quality through 24-hour monitoring 

    The milk temperature has an essential effect on the germ count in the milk. The temperature can be negatively influenced by functional problems of the milk tank. This can result in cuts in the milk payment. The Deepfield Connect tank guard uses an app and warning light on the tank to warn you when problems occur.  The cooling system, cleaning and agitator of the milk tank are monitored by temperature sensors to enable you to react to problems in time.


    Control via smartphone

    The Deepfield Connect Milk Monitoring transmits temperature data to your smartphone via the Bosch cloud. This gives you an overview of all the important functions of your tank at all times and everywhere - on the entire yard, in the field and on the road. Cooling, cleaning, stirring - the app shows the status and alerts you in case of failures and defects. Beside your own smartphone you also can share  the tank condition data  with other app users (e.g. employees).


    Warning light

    In addition, an external warning light flashes on the tank in case of problems. Thus, critical states are also directly recognizable. For example, drivers can also be informed of a critical condition at a glance.


    Your advantages

    •     Timely alerting in case of breakdown of milk tank functions
    •     Milk temperature always in view   
    •     Additional alarm on site by external warning light on the tank
    •     Data sharing with other app users possible
    •     All common horizontal milk tank models can be easily retrofitted
    •     Simple self-assembly on the tank
    •     Fast commissioning: sink the sensor in the milk tank and attach it to the milk tank opening, install the app - ready!
    •     Direct measurement in the milk
    •     Tested for food safety according to EU 10/2011  
    •     No additional costs to the usage fee and can be cancelled annually


    Technical details

    Data transmission | Deepfield transmitter  
    Dimensions 200 mm x 112 mm x 77 mm
    Protection class IP67
    Temperature range -20 °C to 50 °C
    Communication GSM
    Localisation GPS

    Temperature measurement | Deepfield Connect Immersion sensor  
    Measuring principle Digital temperature measurement
    Measuring range -25 to 100 °C
    Tank volume 2000 to 12000 liters (suitable for common horizontal milk tank models)
    Cable length 3 m (of which food safe inside tank 1.55 m)
    Material FEP (food safe)
    Protection class IP66 / 68